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Serenity Studio

If you need support with your curriculum plan for homeschool registration fill our Educational Plan Form to the best of your ability and I will be able to elaborate it further.
Once you have submitted your form you can schedule a zoom meeting on my calendar here so I can help to get you started.  

Weekly Support Sessions

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Our Weekly Zoom Session for children 

Tuesdays QLD Term Time
Schedule is as follow:
12:00 PM Brisbane time: Prep/foundation 
12:30 PM Brisbane time: 6-9 Year olds (years 1,2,3)
1:00 PM Brisbane time: Adolescents
1:30 PM Brisbane time:  9-12 year olds (years 4,5,6)

Our Weekly Zoom Session for parents

Thursday QLD Term Time
1:00 PM Brisbane time: Parent zoom session 
I look forward to guiding you on your homeschooling journey.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 
Rachel Gibson

Our Private Facebook Group

Join our private Facebook Group here.  To ask questions, post your great work, and be connected to others on the same journey. 
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Emily L

Rachel I just need to say you are an absolute pleasure to communicate with, to be involved with. I have not in my 35 years come across anyone at all so willing to hear, see, acknowledge and help people. So a huge Thank you from me.

Barbara D

Can I just give Rachel Gibson an honorable mention. I just got my homeschooling certification from NESA. The AP said he had never seen a more comprehensive program that's it's great that I feel supported and that he can see that Ruby is thriving. Rachel I can't imagine the hours and hours that you pour into this. But the Dixon family thank our lucky stars that we found you and this program.

Nonna S

We are all so blessed to have such a caring soul in our lives for our precious children, you are worth your weight in gold Rachel Gibson, bless you.

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